Referendum on FAST Act Food Tax Qualifies for 2024 Ballot

“California voters have made clear that they want a say on whether they must shoulder the burden of higher prices and job losses caused by the FAST Act. This legislation singles out the quick service restaurant industry by establishing an unelected council to control labor policy, which would cause a sharp increase in food costs and push many Californians, particularly in disenfranchised communities, to the breaking point.”

California Court Upholds Rule of Law, Freezes AB 257 Until Voters Have a Say

“Today’s Court decision protects the rights of over one million California voters who demanded their say on this law before bearing its burden. We appreciate the Court upholding the state’s 100-year-old referendum process, as well as the well-established legal precedent that ensures California voters are able to consider the laws passed by their legislature.”

OC Register Opinion: An unlikely threat to popular democracy in California

The director’s position fails to honor the People’s right to approve legislation before it becomes effective, and weakens their right to reject special-interest legislation. If the director won’t change her position, the courts should stand up for popular democracy and require her to do so.

Sacramento Superior Court Puts AB 257 on Hold for Review After Save Local Restaurants Lawsuit

Today, the Sacramento Superior Court issued a temporary hold on AB 257, the FAST Act, which prevents the law from being implemented until the Court has a chance to decide the merits of the case. A hearing is scheduled for January 13, 2023. This pause comes on the heels of a Save Local Restaurants coalition lawsuit against state officials following a declaration that they would move forward with the law despite more than one million California voters demanding a say on its implementation.

Save Local Restaurants Coalition Files Lawsuit to Prevent California’s Officials from Violating the State’s Constitution

Today, the Save Local Restaurants coalition filed a lawsuit to ensure the democratic process established by the California Constitution is respected. The state’s Constitution dictates that, as part of the referendum process, laws cannot go into effect until voters have an opportunity to exercise their voice and vote on the proposed legislation. To date, more than one million California voters have asked for the opportunity to do exactly that with AB 257.