OC Register Opinion: An unlikely threat to popular democracy in California

The director’s position fails to honor the People’s right to approve legislation before it becomes effective, and weakens their right to reject special-interest legislation. If the director won’t change her position, the courts should stand up for popular democracy and require her to do so.

California’s Plan to Get Fast Food Workers Fired

A statewide minimum wage for a subset of workers would arbitrarily fragment California’s labor market, raise prices for consumers, and depress investment across the industry. The incentive to hire would fall and the return to automation would rise.

California’s Fast-Food Bill Whopper

Restaurants will almost certainly be forced to raise prices to the extent they can to cover higher labor costs. But most fast-food customers aren’t wealthy, so some restaurants may reduce worker hours or lay off employees.

California’s FAST Act is a fast path to mass economic misery

Once again, the California Legislature is forcing businesses to think twice before continuing to serve consumers in the Golden State. . . . Assembly Bill 257 (aka the “FAST Act”), would completely revamp the state’s labor rules surrounding the counter-serve “fast food” restaurant industry. Most alarmingly, the bill empowers an unelected, [11]-member fast food sector council to set labor standards industry-wide.

Bill Has Franchise Owners Furious

Ron Ross, the owner of four Wendy’s restaurants in the Los Angeles area, called the bill “a solution in search of a problem.”
“There’s just not enough of a problem that we need this type of aggressive bill that would dramatically change how we do business,” said Ross, who has been a franchise owner for 30 years.