Restaurants, Franchisees Join Save Local Restaurants Coalition to Protect Workers, Consumers, and Local Business Owners from AB 257 Flaws

The Save Local Restaurants coalition released the following statement on the new disclosure of its funders

“The FAST Act will have an enormous impact on the lives of Californians, and voters deserve a voice in its passage. The measure is expected to increase prices by as much as 20% during a period of decades-high inflation and will have cascading impacts throughout local economies. The Save Local Restaurants coalition is committed to protecting the livelihoods of workers and local restaurant owners, along with protecting value for consumers facing skyrocketing cost of living increases.”

The Save Local Restaurants coalition is made up of a growing list of California small business owners, restaurant owners, franchisees, employees, consumers, and community-based organizations. It is led by the International Franchise Association, the National Restaurant Association, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.