Save Local Restaurants Coalition Statement on SEIU Invalidation Attempts

In response to attempts to invalidate voters’ rights to have a say on AB 257 before it becomes California law, the Save Local Restaurants Coalition released the following statement:

“This is another brazen attempt by the SEIU to force a law on Californians that they do not want and that they cannot afford. The Save Local Restaurants Coalition has been vigilant in maintaining compliance with California’s election laws, and this complaint is frivolous. Nearly a million California voters have already voiced their concerns with this bill, which could raise food prices by 20% at a time of record inflation, cost thousands of jobs, and force the closure of local businesses. The coalition is committed to protecting the livelihoods of workers and local restaurant owners, along with protecting value for consumers facing skyrocketing cost of living increases. We are on track to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures above what is legally required due to the voters’ overwhelming opposition to this misguided law.”